Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yello find religion - not!

Domingo - Yello

Not got a clue what these guys are on about - but it's an electropop masterpiece!

From Stella, the same album that features Yello's biggest hit Oh Yeah! - Play this loud as it rocks out

Find it on Yello 1980 - 1995: The New Mix In One Go - on sale at Tesco would you believe?!

Mack gets organic

Mack The Knife - Bobby Emmons

This is just fun - an easygoing organ version of the jazz standard - could do with a re-edit to extend it as it's rather short - but it happily chugs along

This is from the 1965 Hi album 'Blues with Beat and an Organ' which I've no idea where you would pick up these days - but check out the Hi Records site for more of their catalogue

Prophesying a broken heart!

Eli's Coming - Three Dog Night

This is a stomping blues/funk workout from late 60s rockers Three Dog Night.
A cover of a Laura Nyro track - it clocks in at under 3 minutes but hold tight - it's the quality not quantity that counts here.

If you want to spend silly money on rare Japanese imports you can, here, otherwise Amazon or iTunes will sort you out

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Do you know Donnie?

Do You Know? (DFA Remix)- Donnie

From Atlanta, Donnie not only shares his name with the great Donnie Hathaway but also shares his soul! This is a hard to find remix by Darryl James of New Yorks DFA crew - giving it a huge four to the floor for the dance crowd.

Well not so hard to find now - pick up the 12" and the album at Giant Step

Sarah Vaughan gets Heavy on the Fab Four

I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Sarah Vaughan

From 1981 collection Songs Of The Beatles by jazz legend Sarah Vaughan, this is one of my favourite Beatles covers. Going down the fusion route this is serious stuff.

Pick the album up for a song here

More exceptional Beatles covers to come