Saturday, May 28, 2005

Quincy Jones on the Monney

Monney Runner - Quincy Jones

Sydney 2000, Club 77, DJ Pogo dropped this - it took me four years to find a copy!!!

From the soundtrack to $ (Dollar) a dodgy caper film from 1971 starring Warren Beaty and Goldie Hawn

To save you a four year search you can pick it up on vinyl here

Monday, May 23, 2005

Diana Ross classic gets the Bruk treatment

I Will Survive (Opolopo Remix)- Diana Ross

Found this posted up on a broken beat notice board - amazing production - this really should get a proper release - search around for more unofficial remixes by this Swedish producer

Thanks to John Peel

O Superman - Laurie Anderson

I remember when John Peel played this - I was 11 years old and I'd never heard anything quite like it - I don't think anybody had
Unbelievably it went to number 2 and though Laurie Anderson never had much impact again on the charts, as a multimedia artist she is still creating works to great acclaim

From Big Science (1982)

Amazing Terry Callier penned track from Rotary Connection

Song For Everyman - Rotary Connection

I first heard David Holmes play Rotary Connection and am forever thankful - I'm always coming back to it. This is from the same album as I am the Black Gold of the Sun, "Hey Love", it builds and builds

Was very pleased to find Terry Callier penned this - you can hear his sound in here - very spiritual in that down to earth way

You can find it tucked away as track 16 on the dual Songs/Hey Love CD